What is ChartSwap?

ChartSwap is a HIPAA compliant platform connecting a network of requestors and providers. Our focus is on business to business medical and billing record requests for litigation, underwriting and payer audits that fall outside the traditional health information exchange model. ChartSwap is free to providers and allows requestors to reduce cost and record turnaround time resulting in more timely, better informed decisions. ChartSwap's mission is to become the universal platform for third party medical record requests.


How ChartSwap Works:


Search for a Provider

Request Records

Submit Payment

Download Records


Receive a Record Request

Upload Records

Receive Payments

Integrated Solutions

ChartSwap has been selected to participate in the athenahealth Powered by force.comMarketplace. Users of athenaClinical cloud-based EHR are now able to share records directly to ChartSwap by signing up for our joint pilot here.


Electronic Signatures by DocusignChartSwap is able to offer electronic signatures for purposes of records authentication at no cost. Our application is integrated with the industry leading e-signature solution, DocuSign.


In order to create a comprehensive release of information work flow, Fax solutions by ZPaperChartSwap utilizes Zpaper faxing solution to automatically digitize faxed paper records, uploading them to ChartSwap's secure cloud-based record repository.Powered by force.com


ChartSwap utilizes PayPal for easy, consolidated and secure payment transactions.

Texas House Bill 300

As of September 1, 2012, House Bill 300 (HB300) passed by the 82nd Texas Legislature goes into effect. Under these new regulations, Texas physicians must comply with privacy and patient access requirements that are more stringent than federal HIPAA laws. ChartSwap offers a no-cost solution to both physicians and patients seeking a convenient method for quick and secure exchange of medical records and other protected health information under these new rules. Click here to read more.




Strategic Development Partners

ChartSwap leverages our ISV Partner status to build the ChartSwap.com Powered by force.comapplication on SalesForce, utilizing the automation, analytic, and social media tools provided by the industry-leading Force.com development platform.


Our application development partner, Strategic Growth is a proven leader Powered by force.comin SalesForce.com development, providing ChartSwap the flexibility of the Force.com platform with the reliability of a proven development team.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a reliable and scalable Storage by Amazon S3infrastructure platform that can be used to facilitate health care customers’ HIPAA-compliant applications. This platform is built on the same robust technology that Amazon.com uses to run its global web properties.


Privacy and Data Security

ChartSwap.com is built upon Force.com's SAS 70 Type II certified platform and Powered by force.comour business practices exceed all HIPAA compliance requirements. Not only is your data secure today, but SalesForce.com continues to invest heavily in securing your data into the future.